This post was originally published here: post offers significant discount on Norton Security Deluxe, the world renowned computer protection software package from Symantec: the leaders in anti virus software and computer protection.

Anti-virus software programs are a critical purchase for anyone who owns a computer or PC. There are millions of computer viruses , Some are a small annoyance, but many have more sinister objectives. Viruses are frequently designed to steal credit card or online banking information, delete essential data, or simply destroy a computer. A good anti virus product offers a safeguard against this happening. One tech related website that is getting a lot of attention at the moment is, a popular website that offers computer owners coupons and promotional discounts on Norton anti virus software . They have long demonstrated a reputation as the most cost effective website for anti virus software, and they have come into added prominence as a result of a special promotion. For a limited time they are offering an enormous 37% discount on the very popular Norton Security Deluxe.

Norton Security Deluxe is one of the most reputable anti virus protection products on the market. It is made by Symantec: a company with more than 20 years expertise in the computer security and technology field. The program consists of everything that is needed to protect a computer. This includes a highly effective anti virus, a firewall to defend against unauthorized connections, a phishing defense program to guard against fraud online and a back up program to secure important files from being hacked or stolen.

The recommended retail price of Norton Security Deluxe for a one year subscription is $79.99, which already represents great value for such a comprehensive piece of software. have reduced that price to $49.99, giving customers a tremendous 37% discount.

A spokesperson for the site said: “It’s extremely risky to run any computer system without running a current anti virus protection software. Norton Security Deluxe is an ideal approach. The anti virus element does a great job of protecting against thousands of different viruses, and the personal firewall is particularly valuable given that many people have an “always on” Internet connection in modern times.

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