Organised Crime in Streets of Zagreb

Ten years ago the candidate for the Zagreb underground leadership, Ivan Sakota, was probably killed by yesterday murdered Davor Zecevic.
Nina Bura

Exactly ten years passed since the murder of Ivan Sokota (24), young candidate for the leadership of the Zagreb underground. He was killed around 1:00 a.m. on June 28 in from on the coffee bar Kvak in Maticeva Sr., precisely by a bullet that hit him under his armpit. The murder happened in front of a crowd, that sat on the outside chairs of the serious bar on that summer evening. Davor Zecevic Zec was charged for the murder of Sakota and was murdered himself last night. It was known that Sakotina’s uncles vowed to make the murderer of their nephew not only in front of the court. However, the paying of an old debt came on schedule. Although 10 years later.

Slisko’s and Bagaric’s mafia clan’s settlements of accounts  

And ten years ago Zagreb really looked like a battle field for two mafia clans, Slisko’s and Bagaric’s, and their settlements of accounts. The clan war officially started in spring 1997, when young Sokota was killed. Then followed the murder of Spehtim Taci (27), who was witness of Sakotina’s murder. Tacin was eliminated in his BMW on the crossroad of Zagorska St. and Selska St., while he was waiting at the traffic lights green light. He was killed by a motorcyclist who stopped next to him.

Mijat Vrdoljak (35) was the next on the list. Known for his business with cars, but also as holder of debts, Vrdoljak escaped death the first time when a bomb was placed in his car, but he was killed a month later, shot from a fast driving car.

Il capo di tutti i capi – eliminated

The following year, on July 15, 1998, il capo di tutti i capi, Zlatko Bagaric was killed. In the coffee atmosphere of NK Dubrava, the Rodic brothers shot Bagaric after he had beaten them all night. Nikica Jelavic, supposed heir of Bagaric, was injured that night.