Table of Contents


Changes PDF
James Keeley, John Ferris, Terry Terriff


Violent Conflicts as an impediment to the Achievement of Millennium Development Goals in Africa. PDF
Dickson Ogbonnaya Igwe


Don’t Expect Much from Japan in the Indian Ocean PDF
Toshi Yoshihara, Jim Holmes
The Idea of a Strategist’s Education PDF
Steven Anthony Pomeroy
A Role for Effects-Based Planning in a National Security Framework PDF
Dr. Brad Gladman, Dr. Peter Archambault
The Evolving Arctic Operating Environment: Implications for Defence PDF
Donald A. Neill
Decision-Making under Uncertainty: Using Case Studies for Teaching Strategy in Complex Environments PDF
Dr. Volker Franke

Notes From the Field

The Patrol: Seven Days in the Life of a Canadian Soldier in Afghanistan PDF
Ryan Flavelle

Book Reviews

Martin Kitchen, Rommel’s Desert War: Waging WWII in North Africa, 1941-1943. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009. PDF
Matt Bucholtz Bucholtz
Marco Cesa. Allies Yet Rivals: International Politics in 18th Century Europe. Translated by Patrick John Barr. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2010. PDF
Gavin Weins

ISSN: 1488-559x