3 October 2007
BBC Monitoring Middle East


1. Editorial by Mojtaba Hamedani, entitled: “Consciences judge”; refers to Ahmadinezhad’s trip to New York and his presence in the University of Columbia and says that while the head of this university insulted him, he politely responded that those insulting remarks insult the freedom and the intelligence of the students attending that meeting, which taught the Islamic politeness to the American students. (Page 1; 500 words) [PROCESSING]

2. Commentary by Mansur Amani on “Strategy” column: “Increasing threats and people’s carelessness”; refers to Al-Baradi’i’s recent positive report on Iran’s nuclear activities and the reaction of the American and European to his report, claiming that Iran is trying to achieve nuclear weapons, and says that while international institutions and organizations are created to prevent wars throughout the world, the biog powers try to take advantage of them in order to fulfil their goals. (Page 2; 500 words) [PROCESSING]

3. Commentary by Mohammad Mehdi Eslami on “The note” column: “The secrets of Kargozaran’s self-suspension”; refers to the Kargozaran daily, the official organ of the Executives of Construction Party, having temporarily stopped its publication for financial reasons, speaks about the disagreements among the authorities of this party and mentions the goals of this party from stopping the publication of its official organ. (Page 3; 750 words)

4. Report: “Asadollah Badamchian: The entire groups should learn to respect the outcome of the elections”; in interviews with different news agencies, Asadollah Badamchian, the vice general-secretary of the Islamic Coalition Party, answered to questions about parties and groups asking for a share in power; news on the Islamic Coalition Party not intending to enter the competition in provinces during the upcoming eighth Majlis election; his candidacy for the eighth Majlis election; the present situation of the reformists; and criticisms on the verge of the upcoming election. (Page 5; 1,000 words)

5. Report citing ISNA and the Journalists’ Club: “Mohammad Kazem Anbarlu’i welcomed new groups entering the United Front of Principle-ists”; Mohammad Kazem Anbarlu’i, the head of the Islamic Coalition Party’s political centre, said that new principle-ist groups entering the United Front of Principle-ists will not lead to discord; he also evaluated the merger of the reformist parties and said that there are some parties and groups in the reformist camp that are just called parties and groups and do not enjoy the standards of a party. (Page 5; 650 words)

Source: Iranian press menu, in Persian 3 Oct 07