USA Today (09/21/06) P. 5A; Hall, Mimi

The Department of Homeland Security is getting ready to have hundreds of new camera towers erected at the country’s land borders as part of a campaign to beef up security and significantly reduce illegal immigration across the United States’ southern border. Secretary Michael Chertoff intends to announce Thursday that the government will pay private contractors, among them Boeing, millions of dollars to install state-of-the-art towers to contain cameras and sensors that will assist Border Patrol agents in nabbing individuals coming into this country illegally. In addition, the contract will include unmanned aerial vehicles and radar systems that are ground-based. The towers are one part of a Secure Border Initiative that Chertoff proclaimed last year; Homeland Security is also working toward increasing the number of its border agents, and is now forcing immigrants who are here illegally to be sent home or contained in detention centers until they have court hearings concerning their status.