Edited by Nanna Hvidt and Hans Mouritzen

ISBN: 87-7605-147-1

DIIS Book, June 2005, 218 p.

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Contents, Preface, Abstracts of Scholarly Articles in English and Danish (pdf, 100 KB)

Chapter 1: Articles (pdf, 588 KB)

  • The International Situation and Danish Foreign Policy 2005
    Ulrik Federspiel
  • The ‘Big Other’ and the ‘Small Other’: Discursive Asymmetries and Cleavages in Russian-Danish Relations
    Andrey S. Makarychev
  • Social Defense and National Security: The Globalized Danish Welfare State
    Eric S. Einhorn 
  • Truth on Demand: Denmark and the Cold War 
    Thorsten Borring Olesen 
  • A Hundred Years of Danish Action Space
    Hans Mouritzen

Chapter 2-5 (pdf, 315 KB)

  • Selected Documents
  • Danish Foreign Policy in Figures
  • Opinion Polls
  • Selected Bibliography