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Israel, Tel-Aviv, December 1, 2016– Cylent Security Ltd, a Mobile security startup, has announced the development of the Sparrow, a breakthrough tiny security device that will automatically protect all cellular devices against cyber attacks and data leakages, providing enterprise organizations and employees with protection far beyond that provided by today’s software options.

“Despite the looming risk of hackers who will surprise us anytime, anywhere, no industry standard exists to protect all type of cellular devices. In addition, 90% of commercial companies allow employees to use their own phones to access company data imposing severe risks and privacy breach issues.”, said Ariel Zibziner, CEO of Cylent. “Current software solutions not only fail to fully protect from such threats; they are hard to maintain and have to be deployed over huge Mobile vendors, IoT devices and manufactures diversity; A security nightmare. We develop the product that will automatically protect all these devices”.

There are only two ways organizations can secure their business data today against the risks of public cellular networks – and neither option is suitable. Organizations can install software on employees’ mobile phones, which has been met with much resistance and concern from employees. Or organizations can provide employees with a secured phone, but no one wants to carry two phones, and secured phones cannot freely run personal apps.

“We had the idea of protecting organizations’ data without interrupting the way employees use their private phone. And nothing has to be installed”, Zibziner said.

Sparrow is a tiny cyber security device. By attaching it to any phone it automatically protects that device from cyber-attacks such as malware and ransomware. Sparrow works seamlessly with countless phone models, operating systems, tablets and laptops. Beside protecting data, calls and SMS can be encrypted without any software installed.

“Our employees would like to keep their own mobile phone, user experience and privacy, while we would like to maintain highest demands of cyber protection without installing and maintaining software on countless mobile devices. The Sparrow allows us to do both”, said the Head of IT Security at a leading international bank.

Sparrow can protect all cellular “things”. As the company begins with phones, it will expand to Surveillance cameras, connected cars, IoT devices, even industrial controllers, were no such solution yet exists.

“Since there’s no industry standard to protect all types of cellular devices, we aim that our small Sparrow will become that standard.” Zibziner said.

About Cylent: Cylent Security Ltd. is a Mobile security start-up based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Founded in 2016, Cylent offers organizations a unique, portable, agnostic, iron-dome protection for corporate data compromised by public cellular networks; the ultimate challenge these days.