“Allah does not need your so-called martyrdom in the form of some manufactured jihad.”

BY: By Deborah Cornwall

A cyber security expert is warning Islamic State has such a sophisticated social media machine that there will also have to be a virtual war on terror.

Cyber security analyst Tobias Feakin told AM powerful terrorist messages were proving so effective in radicalising disaffected Muslims, it posed an unprecedented challenge to governments.

“How do you adapt quickly and effectively, that is very difficult for governments to grapple with,” said Dr Feakin, who is international cyber policy director at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

“It’s going to be impossible to completely close it down.

“That’s where [we need to think] about what are the kinds of levers that a government has to be able to counter narratives online and counter messages.”

Hundreds of so-called “Mujatweets” filter through the Twittersphere every day, showing children singing the praises of Allah and Islamic State soldiers handing out candy to Syrian orphans.