BeTuitive: Mix extensive data mining, complex mathematics, and an intuitive approach and you have the field of Business Intelligence.

Business Intelligence discovers insightful trends in data to help direct business initiatives and better understand segments. The next step in Business Intelligence is utilizing predictive analytics to develop business practices that “read the minds” of customers or clients.

James Taylor writes, “If BI tells you what’s happened, predictive analytics tells you what to do.” Click here to get the whole story.

You do not get a second chance to be wrong and these companies know that their credibility is vital to sustaining customer relationships and ultimately, profitability.”The foundations of a BI system must be solid if anything is able to be built upon it. The accuracy of information is key. Being able to effectively leverage information to make better business decisions is a powerful strategy if done correctly.

Once you have the research to make informed decisions it is important to be clear about what your product is, what the competition provides, who your audience is and who your competitors are. A clear idea of this allows the unique and alluring elements of your product strategy to flourish. Lastly, maintaining consistent communication and problem-solving techniques between developers, managers and decision makers discourages the occurrence of mistakes, unfavorable relationships and unwanted surprises.