Nic Cecil, Political Correspondent
22 January 2005
The Sun

FOREIGN mobsters are invading Britain, police chiefs warned yesterday.

And they are recruiting an army of professionals like accountants and lawyers to make billions from UK crime.

The bosses are exploiting weaker border controls after last year’s EU expansion into the East for crimes like drugs, people smuggling and fake goods. And they are using asylum to get henchmen into this country.

The shock warnings come from the EU police agency Europol -who revealed 40,000 criminals are now in organised European gangs.

They said mobsters’ tentacles are so widespread the gangs are developing “multi-crime portfolios” that include normal businesses.

Albanian, Russian and Chinese gangs are the most widespread across the EU, adds the agency.

Eastern European criminals are particularly feared because they are so willing to use violence.

The Russians head cigarette smuggling into the UK while Kurdish and Turkish syndicates are the most heavily involved in the drugs trade. Romanian gangs concentrate on organised pick-pocketing, shoplifting and burglaries -while ruthless Bulgarian syndicates specialise in trafficking women for prostitution.

Shadow Home Secretary David Davis said: “This is a direct consequence of our porous borders. They are allowing these crimes to prosper.”

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