“Author: Crime Prediction Possible”
Herald-Sun (NC) (10/05/06) P. C1; Dopart, BriAnne

RTI International behavioral scientist Colleen McCue says law enforcement can use similar analytical and computing strategies to predict when and where the next crime will occur, as today financial analysts use to steer their investing. Data-mining and predictive analysis techniques also are used today by large corporate marketing departments. McCue herself has used data-mining and predictive analysis for Virginia’s Richmond Police Department before joining RTI. McCue’s research there led to a 47 percent reduction in gunfire complaints on New Year’s Eve 2003 compared to 2002, and her strategy deployed 50 fewer police officers than the year before. This saved Richmond $15,000. McCue says, “One of the things we found was that crime, like any other behavior, has a pattern.” For instance, McCue discovered that many convicted suspects in rape cases in which a rapist did not know their victim often began their criminal career as small-time burglars who broke in houses, but often escaped with little or nothing. Identifying these patterns can abet preventive policing.